Bird & Ballard / Proper coffee
Cake, and lots of it. Tagged: cake  coffee  shoreditch   Notes: 1
Bird & Ballard, 84-86 Great Eastern Street, just so you know…
Action station.
le menu. Tagged: coffee shop  shoreditch   Notes: 3
Vintage coffee grinder.
We are here. Tagged: bird & ballard  shoreditch  coffee  shopfront  signage   Notes: 1
Self explanatory. Tagged: shoreditch  coffee  bird & ballard  signage  cafe  
Afternoon tea?
Shoreditch House, view from our front window Tagged: hoxton  shoreditch   Notes: 1
Chair fixing
Opening hours tbc… Tagged: coffee  shoreditch  bird & ballard  
The Boss. Tagged: coffee  
late night coffee taste testing Tagged: shoreditch  coffee  hoxton  bird & ballard  tattooed director  
new ad!
new sign Tagged: shoreditch  coffee  bird & ballard